Why Choose Us?

If you are sold on the life-changing benefits of martial arts training, but don’t know where to go, please read these important reasons to choose JKF-NW:

We get results! This is the bottom line.  Whatever your training goals are, we can help you achieve them in a safe, enjoyable manner.  Everyone has different reasons for training, so different parts of our training program will resonate with different people.  If you only want physical fitness, you may be able to get that at the local gym.  If you only want self defense, you may be better off buying a gun.  However, if you want an integrated, fun, fast paced training program that bridges the history and culture of traditional Japanese Karate with the modern sports training and competition world, this is the place for you.

Different goals may dictate slightly different training emphasis, and we can work with you to define and re-define those goals as your training progresses.

As we discussed in a previous post – these are the most common benefits people gain from our training:

Increased confidence – physical fitness – self defense – appreciation for a true art from – and fun!  There are many, many more, but these are the main ones our students seek.

How do we get these results?

1. Excellent Content in Every Class Every Night.  Because our main instructors have over 30 years of training and teaching experience, they know exactly how to push the class to achieve their best results.  They take the time to know each student and their particular needs.  This is the best group exercise format you will ever see.

2. Convenient location, flexible schedule and fair pricing.  Our new, clean, well lit dojo has plenty of room for class training and adequate parking.  The classes are held 6 days per week and our monthly tuition is a very good value compared to other schools in the area.

3. Most Experienced Karate instructors in the region.  Sensei Dennis Wanless and Hideharu Igaki are the primary teachers at our home dojo.  They are both past international competitors and coaches with nearly 75 years of combined training.  Besides these instructors in our own dojo, we are a member of a larger group of over 75 active black belts led by Sensei Junki Yoshida, the Chief Instructor and owner of this dojo.  This larger black belt group includes doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, teachers, engineers and exceptional leaders from all walks of life.  Many of these teachers have been with our group for more than 20 years.  Please read our instructor bios here.

4. Unlimited opportunity for International Competition. Because of these world class instructors, and the connections they have in the international karate world, there is no limit to what you can achieve if competition is part of your goal in learning karate.  Each year we have many national champions from our group, and often they are selected to represent the USA around the world.  We have been doing this consistently for almost 30 years.

5. Fun, Safe Family atmosphere. Many of our students come in as a family group — father and son, brothers, husband and wife — we have had it all.  We attract these families because we ARE a family.  Many people start martial arts and then quit because it is not an easy road — it takes patience, dedication and hard work.  The people that stay – the 10, 20, and 30 year black belt students are a very special group.  We take care of each other and become close friends outside the training time.  This is the glue that keeps our group together, and this is what we invite you to join.

Ready to Sign Up?  Call us today to schedule a visit to our school.