Soke Takayuki Kubota

Soke Takayuki KubotaAn American citizen since 1974, Soke Kubota devotes much of his time to teaching karate at his school in Glendale, California.  Although he is well known for having been an instructor to some of the most prominent
members of our society, he is most sincerely interested in the  development of karate at all levels and has placed a special emphasis on teaching young people.  Respect and discipline are two of the primary concepts stressed in all children’s classes resulting in proper growth and the continuation of the art.  In addition to his many other activities, Soke Kubota has written several books on the martial arts. His published works include Action Kubotan,  The Art of Karate, Gosoku-Ryu Karate, Weapons Kumite and others. He has also produced a number of video tapes on the art.  Soke Kubota is also an actor who has appeared in over 300 movies, television shows and commercials.  The Mechanic, Killer Elite, Blue Thunder, Simon & Simon, Black Rain, Rising Sun and The
Hunted are listed among his numerous acting credits.

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