Sensei Isao (Gary) Tsutsui

Sensei Isao (Gary) TsutsuiGary Tsutsui Sensei is the founder and Head Instructor of Colorado Budokan (affiliated with USANKF).  Born in Minneapolis,Minnesota in 1946, he moved to Denver, Colorado when he wassix months old.  He began his formal training in the art of karatein 1965 in Shotokan karate under Mr. Yutaka Yaguchi and Mr Joseph Castillo of the Japan Karate Association of Colorado.After four years of Japan Karate Association training he moved to Irvine, California and began his apprenticeship under Mr.Kiyoshi Yamazaki, karate master in Shindo-Jinen-Ryu and weapons expert.  Tsutsui Sensei was a bronze medalist at the Fourth World Union of Karate-do Organizations -WUKO (now named World Karate Federation – WKF) World Championships in Tokyo, Japan in