Our Curriculum – Basic Overview

Each Karate class at our school is slightly different.  We are lucky to have many talented, experienced instructors and each have their own personal style of teaching.  However, the overall curriculum is primarily composed of these three major components:

1. Kihon (Key – hone) – Basic Techniques

Kihon is the study of basic punches, kicks and blocks.  They are practiced in combination and repeated over and over.  Practice makes permanent, so we stress proper execution of every technique, not just repetition of sloppy technique over and over again.  Almost every class will include some form of kihon practice.  At the beginning stage, we cover 5 basic blocks, 3 basic kicks, a punch and a basic front stance.  Together, these make up the ‘alphabet’ of your karate vocabulary.  Learning these techniques well is essential for progress.  Once you have these building blocks in place, you can string them together and begin to apply them.

2. Kata (kah – ta) – Formal Exercise

These are set patterns of punches, blocks and kicks that are preformed in predetermined order.  Students use these to build balance, speed and power in a safe manner.  Kata is also an excellent tool for coordination and refinement of the kihon (basic techniques).  At a higher level, kata is used to teach self defense movements.  Our kata have been handed down for nearly 100 years and are considered both an important training tool and a way to preserve and pass on our particular style of Karate.

3. Kumite (koo- me – tay) – Sparring

This training includes many variations, but is primarily controlled free fighting practice with another student.  With the introduction of a live, moving target, students are able to add another dimension to their training.  Sparring is always done in a very safe, controlled environment with an appropriate partner.  Little or no contact is allowed at the beginning level and is gradually increased as the student progresses.  Speed, power, timing and fighting spirit are all developed through kumite practice.

Together, these three elements form the basis of our curriculum – Kihon, Kata, and Kumite.

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