Godo Renshu – Unity Training

Thank you to those of you who freed your weekend up in order to attend. We apologize for the inconvenience.

This is an annual group training for our entire organization.  The purpose is to bring all branches together for camaraderie and to ensure standardization (unity) of training among our branches.

This one day event includes a small in-house tournament and a banquet.

This year, the JKFNWW (Boeing) Karate group in the Seattle area is hosting the event on Nov 2nd.

This event is closed to non JKFNW members,  but currently enrolled students in active training and their families are welcome to attend.  See your dojo Sensei for more details – individual dojos often organize carpools to the event.

Registration Info:

  •   Sign up at www.karateTmaster.com or use mail-in form
  •   Entry fee is $25 per participant

Things to Bring:

  •  Personal Hygiene Items, Towel
  •  Sack lunch
  •  Karate gi, kumite mouth piece, hand pads, groin cup (for men). Shin, instep, head and chest protectors are optional.


  • 10:00 am Check In Starts
  •   11:00 am Unity Training Begins
  •   12:30 pm Lunch Break
  •   1:00 pm Tournament Begins
  •   6:00 pm Banquet

Kata Requirements (only these kata are allowed for competition based on your experience level below):

  •  Beginner – Any Kihon Kata or Pinan Shodan
  •  Novice – Any Pinan Kata
  •  Intermediate – Any Pinan Kata or above
  •  Advanced – Bassai-Dai or above

Click here to download a PDF of the flyer, map, and sign up form.  Cost is only $25!  -GodoRenshu2013