Classes are available to students beginning at age four.  Upon completion of the four-week beginners class, monthly tuition allows students to attend as many regular class sessions per week as desired.

Beginners Packages:

  • $149 – includes first three months of training 

Beginner packages include a free uniform. Please see our class schedule for specific class times, or inquire via phone or email.

Monthly Tuition:

** Monthly tuition decreases as students’ training commitment increases.  We also offer family discounts – call or email for details **

Number of Months


 (15 +)

  Youth (4-14) or Additional Family Member

Additional Family Member

Additional Family Member





$20 each





$20 each





$15 each





$15 each





$12 each





Payment options include: 1) Pay the entire commitment in one lump sum, or 2) Pay monthly with an automatic withdraw from a credit card.

Everybody trains at their own pace. Training commitments are not related to belt rank promotion.

Contact us about our Family Tuition rates.

Intermediate-Advanced classes include adult and junior students and all kyu (belts) ranging from white (10th kyu) to black belt. Information on private instruction and proper class attire is available upon request.


Progressing at each individual’s own speed, students earn higher ranked belts by attending promotions held at their karate school every other month. Students perform group katas (memorized karate routines), as well as disciplined kumite (sparring sessions) with fellow classmates. Their skill and technique is evaluated on a point system by a panel of black belt instructors.

Kyus at the Japan Karate Federation are ranked as follows: White • Orange • Blue • Purple • Green • Brown • Black

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Training Program

Karate offers people of all ages and athletic levels a fun method of exercise to improve and maintain well being – a unique sport in which an entire family can participate. At JKF, we take great pride in our students. We strive to provide as much personal attention as each student needs in order to develop strong karate skills at the individual’s own rate