Masters Biographies

Sensei Junki Yoshida

Tournament Director and Host Ryobu-Kai Northwest Classic Invitational Biography  Sensei Junki Yoshida was born in Kyoto, Japan on December 7, 1949, the youngest of seven children. He began to study karate as a child. In 1968, at the age of

Sensei Kiyoshi Yamazaki

Sensei Yamazaki is a former Chairman of the USA National Karate-do Federation’s Technical Committee and is a member of the World Karate Federation’s Sports Commission.  As an official with the World Karate Federation, he has traveled the world assisting in

Shihan Toshihiro Oshiro

Shihan Toshihiro Oshiro is a widely recognized authority on the history and techniques of traditional Okinawan martial arts. Chief Instructor in the USA for the RBKD (Ryukyu Bujutsu Kenkyu Doyukai), an organization dedicated to the research and development of

Soke Takayuki Kubota

An American citizen since 1974, Soke Kubota devotes much of his time to teaching karate at his school in Glendale, California.  Although he is well known for having been an instructor to some of the most prominent members of our

Shihan Fumio Demura

Shihan Demura introduced Shito-Ryu Karate to the USA in 1965. In 1974 he entered into the Hong Kong film industry and in 1975 he entered into the Hollywood film industry. In 1977 he appeared in his first movie,  The Island

Sensei Tomohiro Arashiro

Tomohiro Arashiro was born in Nago City, Okinawa, Japan. He began studying karate in 1968 with Nakaima Kenko, grandson of Ryuei Ryu founder Nakaima Norisato.  A jr. high school student at the time, Arashiro and his friend Matsuda Takeshi (today

Sensei George Kotaka

George Kotaka Sensei was born on July 28, 1977, in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He began karate at age 3 under his father, Chuzo Kotaka Sensei.  George tested his skills on a national level at the 1988 AAU National Championships in Richmond,

Sensei Hideharu Igaki

Born September 7, 1956, Hideharu Igaki Sensei is in his second decade as the Head Coach for the USA National Karate Federation U.S. National Karate Team.  His black belt is in Fujitani-Ha Shito-Ryu Meibu-Kai and instructors license in Tenshin-Ko-Ryu Kenpo. 

Shihan Akio Minakami

Shihan means “master instructor” and only those with the highest levels of skill in both the art of Karate and the vocation of teaching, are awarded this honor.  Shihan Minakami is a dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner and teacher of Karatedo

Sensei Kunio Miyake

< img class=”alignleft wp-image-139″ alt=”Sensei Kunio Miyake” src=”” width=”165″ height=”202″ />The founder of Shuko-Kai International is Sensei, Kunio Miyake.  Who was born in 1946.  He began teaching martial arts in Japan, while at the same time teaching modern Japanese language

Sensei Javier Mantilla

Sensei Javier Mantilla is the chairman of the Pan-American Referee Council and a member of the referee council for the World Karate-do Federation.  Sensei Mantilla has had a tremendous career as an athlete, official and coach.  He has been on

Sensei Isao (Gary) Tsutsui

Gary Tsutsui Sensei is the founder and Head Instructor of Colorado Budokan (affiliated with USANKF).  Born in Minneapolis,Minnesota in 1946, he moved to Denver, Colorado when he wassix months old.  He began his formal training in the art of karatein

Sensei Katsutaka Tanaka

Sensei Katsutaka Tanaka is an 8th degree black belt in Nihon Karate-Do Kenwa Kai, a World Karate-Do Federation (WKF) 7th degree black belt, and a USA Karate 7th degree black belt. Sensei Tanaka is both a World Championship Kata and

Sensei Eugene Tibon

Gene Tibon Sensei holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Goju/Founder USA Grass RootsRyu Uchiage and 6th Degree Black Belt with the USA National Karate-Do Federation (USANKF).  He is the owner and Chief Instructor of Tibon’s Goju-Ryu Fighting Arts Karate

Hoang Ngan Nguyen

  21st World Seniors Karate Championships 2012-11-21 Female Kata Participated Karate1 Korea 2012 2012-08-18 Female Kata Participated 20th World Senior Karate Championships 2010-10-27 Female Kata Silver Medal 2nd 20th World Senior Karate Championships 2010-10-27 Female Team Silver Medal 2nd 19th

Jay Farrell

Training since 1973  Vice-Chair JKFNW-Ryobu-kai under Junki Yoshida Sensei  Godan Ryobu-Kai Karate-Do  Yondan Shobukan Shurite Shorinkai Karate-Do  Dan certifications with World Karate Federation, Japan Karate Federation and USA-National Karate-Do Federation  WKF Referee B and Kata A  U.S. National Team member

Dr. Julius Thiry

  8th degree black belt certification awarded by The USA National Karate-do Federation (USA-NKF) 8th degree black belt certification and “Shihan” designation in Hayashi-Ha Shito-ryu Awarded by Founder and teacher, Soke Teuro Hayashi. International Karate-do Hayashi ha Shito-ryu Federation, Founder

Sensei Yutaka Yaguchi

Sensei Yutaka Yaguchi holds a 9th degree black belt in Shotokan karate and is the Chief Instructor and Chairman of the International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF) Mountain States Region and Technical Director for the ISKF. He was born in Hiroshima,