First Place Medal!

We are pleased to announce the great success of our team members at the Saito Karate Do Classic!  Many students competed and won medals at this event, which was hosted by our friends at Mendonca Academy of Martial Arts.  This

Wellness Seminar – June 2015

The JKFNW Boosters are proud to announce a new event to help our dojo.   Wellness Seminar 2015 When – Saturday, June 6, 2015 – 10am to 1pm Where – Hombu Dojo – Hillsboro, OR C0st – $45 per person

Final Update – Yoshida Cup 2015

Thank you for everyone that has already registered for the Yoshida Cup – NW Classic Karate Tournament. This is an exciting, record breaking event for our dojo and our Karate community.  People are signing up in huge numbers and the

2015 NW Classic – UPDATE!

Exciting news about the NW Classic!  Three important updates – please read carefully: 1. This year we will be honored to host a team from JAPAN!  Approximately 60 students, parents and Sensei from Gensei-Ryu will be our guests at the

Save the Date! NW Classic 2015

JKF Northwest is excited to announce the 2015 NW Classic will be held Sunday March 15, 2015 at Mt Hood Community College. This continued partnership with Mt Hood Community College has provided a great venue for our event that is

Dojo Team At Northern California Championships

Hombu Dojo Competition Team members travel to Northern California for a very high level tournament.  This tournament, hosted by our friend Sensei Mary Crawford, allowed these competitors to get high level experience as they prepare for National Championships in Reno,

Black Belt Test May 2014 – Part 2

Kata – or formal exercises – is the second phase of the black belt test.  Each student must demonstrate advanced kata with precise timing, power, and technique.

Black Belt Test – May 2014 – Part 3

More Photos from the May 2014 Black Belt Promotion.  All candidates passed the test this day. 1 – 3rd degree (sandan) black belt awarded 5 – 4th degree (yondan) black belt awarded 1 – 6th degree (rokudan) black belt awarded

Black Belt Test – May 2014 – Part 1

Within Japan Karate Federation, membership in the Black Belt Society or ‘Yudanshakai’ is a very special honor.  Admitting new members into this group is based on much more than just physical skill.  Typically it happens just once or twice per

Amazing Raffle Items at the NW Classic!

Thanks to Sensei Yoshida’s connections with Sanyo Corporation, we have two wonderful items to raffle off at the Tournament this year. Tickets are affordable and all proceeds from the raffle support travel and expenses for students traveling to tournaments. Buy

Letter from Governor Kitzhaber!

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber wrote a beautiful letter to athletes and coaches visiting Oregon for the Northwest Classic.  Please click the link below to read the letter. Besides welcoming everyone to Oregon, the Governor gives a special ‘shout out’ to

2014 WSKF Invitational Tournament Results

Many competitors braved the cold and snow to attend the 2014 Washington State Karate Federation Tournament at Highline Community College. This was an especially important tournament for us as it is the first time that our group has returned here

Hombu Dojo Competition Team 2014

Under the leadership of Sensei Igaki and other dojo leaders, our Hombu Dojo (headquarters school) competition team had great success at their first tournament of 2014 today.  This team is open to anyone willing to make the commitment.  Extra practice,

NW Classic 2014 – Register Now!

Registration Packet is now available! For all the details, please download the packet by clicking here. Or, go directly to KarateTMaster.com to Register Today!

Chai Obi Kai Training This Saturday – 10am

Calling all Brown Belt Students! Come out for this important training prior to the promotion this Saturday, Nov 23, 2013. This training is a special priority for Yoshida Sensei as he works to develop our next generation of Black Belt

Godo Renshu – Unity Training

SORRY – THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED Thank you to those of you who freed your weekend up in order to attend. We apologize for the inconvenience. This is an annual group training for our entire organization.  The purpose is

Our Curriculum – Basic Overview

Each Karate class at our school is slightly different.  We are lucky to have many talented, experienced instructors and each have their own personal style of teaching.  However, the overall curriculum is primarily composed of these three major components: 1.

Why Choose Us?

If you are sold on the life-changing benefits of martial arts training, but don’t know where to go, please read these important reasons to choose JKF-NW: We get results! This is the bottom line.  Whatever your training goals are, we

Black Belt Test! October 26, 2013

Hello everyone! Black Belt testing is one of the most important and exciting events of the dojo year.  This is a special time for the candidates, and all the other students that have trained along side them on the journey. 

5 Reasons to Start Karate Now

1. Increased Confidence and Poise. It is difficult to get up in front of a class and perform your karate techniques.  As you move up the ranks, you begin to explain techniques to junior students.  As you grow and become