5 Reasons to Start Karate Now

1. Increased Confidence and Poise.

It is difficult to get up in front of a class and perform your karate techniques.  As you move up the ranks, you begin to explain techniques to junior students.  As you grow and become an example for others, your confidence naturally grows.

2. Physical Fitness.

Karate class is hard!  The physical techniques demand a great mix of strength, balance, flexibility and aerobic capacity.  Our training will make you better at every other sport.

3. Self Defense.

Although we teach much more than basic self defense, one of the many byproducts of your training will be the ability to avoid conflict and deal with it if you are not able to avoid the situation.

4. Art Appreciation.

We are passing down an art form to new students.  This is a traditional Japanese martial art. Our classes will also introduce basic Japanese language, customs, and the history of our Karate style.

5. It’s Fun!

The class group you train with will become close friends.  As you progress and grow together, the friendly competition and shared struggle builds a bond like nothing else.