2015 NW Classic – UPDATE!

Exciting news about the NW Classic!  Three important updates – please read carefully:

1. This year we will be honored to host a team from JAPAN!  Approximately 60 students, parents and Sensei from Gensei-Ryu will be our guests at the NW Classic.   Sensei Kiyohiko Tosa will be representing his organization – he is a former Japan National Team member and very decorated competitor and teacher.  Learn more about their organization here - www.genseiryu.jp/eng/index.html  We will be coordinating a Home Stay program for the students – most of them are middle school age.  If you would like to help host the students, please contact your dojo Sensei.  All are welcome to help with this.

2. Seminars will be held at Mt Hood Community College for the first time!  This new location will give more space for our world class instructors to teach.  Seminars include our own Igaki Sensei, Tosa Sensei from Japan, and also Oshiro Sensei teaching Bo.  Stay tuned for more details about the seminars.

3. Because of the large size of our event, the Saturday night dinner will be held at the Yoshida Estate Banquet space.  Cost is $25 and all students and families are welcome.  Please contact your dojo Sensei to preorder tickets for this dinner.